Silica Sand For Golf Courses & Sport Fields


Greens Sand has been in the silica sand industry since 1979 and has been a distributor of specialised silica sand to the Industrial as well as Leisure market for over 30 years, distributing nationally and across borders. We store a wide range of grades of silica sands.

We supply silica sand to the industrial as well as leisure market national and across borders Loose or Bagged. Sizes: 40kg / 1 Ton Bulk bags, Our truck sizes : 5 cub, 10 cub, 20 cub, 25 cub.

Green’s Sand CC supply USGA Silica Sand to 95% of the Top 100 Golf Courses within South Africa for their green’s, bunker, etc.


Green Silica Sand Products:

  • Golf Courses & Sport Fields
    • Usga Silica Sand
    • Bunker Sand
    • Green Sand
    • Divot Mix
    • Tee’s Mix
    • Bowling Green mix
  • Various mixes to client specifications

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